Watt The Fu…

Recently I have been busier than a rather busy bee.  Between a trip to England for a quite lovely family wedding, and a forthcoming trip to Amsterdam, I have been somewhat snowed under with humdrum normal life stuff which means all else has taken a backseat.  Duller than dishwater, I know.

Whilst I was in England I was talking to people about my different projects and was surprised by how many people haven’t read ‘All Hallows’ Eve’.  When I enquired as to why they are such terrible friends, who clearly deserve some part of painful genital amputation by way of a rusty spoon, I found myself hearing the same defence.  ‘I don’t have an eReader’.  ‘I don’t have a kindle app’.  If I am honest I was shocked to hear that so many people under the age of 35 are technologically hopeless.  The laboured point I am closing in on is the fact that I listened, and I have found a solution.  I have uploaded ‘All Hallows’ Eve’ to a website called Wattpad where you can read it for free.  You don’t need an account, you don’t need to sign up for anything, you only need to click on this link and get reading.

P.S.  If you do feel like being rather lovely you could log in with Facebook or Twitter and click vote

To find out more about Wattpad click on this link 

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