Watt The Fu…

Recently I have been busier than a rather busy bee.  Between a trip to England for a quite lovely family wedding, and a forthcoming trip to Amsterdam, I have been somewhat snowed under with humdrum normal life stuff which means all else has taken a backseat.  Duller than dishwater, I know.

Whilst I was in England I was talking to people about my different projects and was surprised by how many people haven’t read ‘All Hallows’ Eve’.  When I enquired as to why they are such terrible friends, who clearly deserve some part of painful genital amputation by way of a rusty spoon, I found myself hearing the same defence.  ‘I don’t have an eReader’.  ‘I don’t have a kindle app’.  If I am honest I was shocked to hear that so many people under the age of 35 are technologically hopeless.  The laboured point I am closing in on is the fact that I listened, and I have found a solution.  I have uploaded ‘All Hallows’ Eve’ to a website called Wattpad where you can read it for free.  You don’t need an account, you don’t need to sign up for anything, you only need to click on this link and get reading.

P.S.  If you do feel like being rather lovely you could log in with Facebook or Twitter and click vote

To find out more about Wattpad click on this link 

A Big Thank You

This is just a quick post to thank everyone that has downloaded ‘All Hallows’ Eve‘ from Smashwords.com.  I am absolutely delighted to announce that we have passed 100 downloads, and in my opinion that calls for a small celebration.

As a thank you to all you lovely people who have downloaded my short story I want to keep my twitter based promise and announce a giveaway.  For the remainder of this weekend I shall be giving my other work away for the grand total of fuck all via smashwords.com.  It’s pretty simple if you have already downloaded ‘All Hallows’ Eve‘ for nothing.  Log into Smashwords, add ‘Existence Is Futile‘ and ‘The Story of Albert Ross‘ to your basket.  When you get to the checkout enter the following coupon codes:

To get ‘Existence Is Futile‘ absolutely free enter coupon code ‘YP94P’

To get ‘The Story of Albert Ross‘ for nothing enter coupon code ‘EC23M’

In return I ask one thing and one thing only.  If you enjoy any of the things which I have written please leave a review on their respective pages on Goodreads.com, after all it’s your reviews that might persuade people to take a risk on me.

Coming Soon…

When my mother suggested that I try to write a costume drama, I don’t think she meant a short story about three men in fancy-dress at a Halloween party.  Therefore I suspect she may not enjoy my new short story, entitled ‘All Hallows’ Eve’.

Recently I realised that I haven’t written anything new in bloody ages, so I decided to commemorate a year since ‘Existence Is Futile’ hit people’s bookshelves by writing a short story to publish and give away for free.  The trouble is, giving away things for free is not that easy anymore.  The likes of Amazon, and Apple do not allow independent writers to publish their work for free.  In fact it massively limits your ability to reach readers.  When I first wrote ‘The Story of Albert Ross’ I had hoped to do the same.  In the end I decided to put it our for the absolute minimum to enable the story to get  the widest possible availability.  This time, I really want to do this as a thank you to all of you wonderful people out there that have volunteered your own time to read something with my name on.  It means a lot, but mostly it means that you are awesome.

To celebrate the forthcoming release of ‘All Hallows’ Eve’ I would like to… drumroll please… present the cover which will be appearing all over the internets very soon All Hallows' Eve

I don’t have a release date yet, so you will have to keep checking back here.  I hope to have a final version uploaded to smashwords.com by the end of the week.  It will be free, although you will need to sign up for an account, if you haven’t already.  And for those of you that haven’t yet picked up ‘Existence Is Futile’, I have some good news.  I have added the first few chapters to the end of this short story as a sample, in the hope that I can yet persuade you to invest in a book  featuring ninjas and absolutely no jokes about toilets.