Welcome to the home of Scott Andrews.  To enter this website please confirm that you are 18 years or over, by spinning anti-clockwise three times whilst singing the Swedish national anthem.

The following website contains the collected works of Scott Andrews, works so potent that they once killed a squirrel by the mere power of words alone.  In the menu above you will find books, that will lead you to the two greatest novels ever written, by somebody called Scott Andrews.  Short stories that will lead you to a collection of mostly free works of literary genius, or if the links are working properly, free stories by Scott Andrews.  The music section will take you on a journey through the invention of spandau synthpop and the subsequent impact that the genre had in redefining modern culture.  And finally blog will take you to an assortment of rants, ravings and general news announcements about your favourite writer, called Scott Andrews.

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