Scott Andrews has written two novels, a number of short stories, an absurd number of songs, one screenplay, and a few articles.  He is a member of the international Spandau Synthpop sensation, Yu and one half of the Talk2ThePaw Podcast.

Notable Achievements

  • Scott’s second novel, ‘Mourning Morning’ reached number seven on the Amazon Satire Chart.
  • Scott’s band Yu debut single ‘Hejty’ reached number four on the Polish Music chart and its video has been viewed nearly half a million times on youtube.
  • Scott can fit twenty-six clothes pegs on his own face.
  • Scott’s Podcast, ‘Talk2ThePaw’, reached number one on the Pets and Animals podcast in Estonia and he is still not quite sure why.
  • In 2021 the Talk2ThePaw podcast won the ‘Most Enterprising Podcast’ at a prestigious UK enterprise awards event.

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