Life On The Y List

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the remarkable union of one man, and a life full of unfulfilled ambitions, marked only by failure, whisky and swearwords.  It gives me absolutely no pleasure whatsoever to announce that I have made little progress with all of my numerous projects.  I have been doing the equivalent of treading water in sinking sand.

The only positive news is that I have started writing a third novel.  I am about two-thirds of the way through it, with a word count of around 60,000 words.  It has served as a wonderful distraction from the realities of life.  The only concern as always is whether it will make a coherent story in the end.  I hope to find out sometime during the next month.

My efforts to get my other novel, chronologically speaking my first, published have got nowhere.  For now I have put it to one side as I have been focused on writing.  I hope to get back to it one day in the future when I have found the courage to get rejected once more.  It’s like being the ugliest girl in the village.

In the near future I will post more details regarding a children’s book.  My fantastically talented co-conspirators have finished their part so now it’s all down to me.  I only need to find time to edit them.

Oh and of course there is just one more thing.  I recently did an interview for Smashwords.  You can read it right here.

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