Life On The Y List

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the remarkable union of one man, and a life full of unfulfilled ambitions, marked only by failure, whisky and swearwords.  It gives me absolutely no pleasure whatsoever to announce that I have made little progress with all of my numerous projects.  I have been doing the equivalent of treading water in sinking sand.

The only positive news is that I have started writing a third novel.  I am about two-thirds of the way through it, with a word count of around 60,000 words.  It has served as a wonderful distraction from the realities of life.  The only concern as always is whether it will make a coherent story in the end.  I hope to find out sometime during the next month.

My efforts to get my other novel, chronologically speaking my first, published have got nowhere.  For now I have put it to one side as I have been focused on writing.  I hope to get back to it one day in the future when I have found the courage to get rejected once more.  It’s like being the ugliest girl in the village.

In the near future I will post more details regarding a children’s book.  My fantastically talented co-conspirators have finished their part so now it’s all down to me.  I only need to find time to edit them.

Oh and of course there is just one more thing.  I recently did an interview for Smashwords.  You can read it right here.

‘Existence Is Futile’ Is Now Available

D-Day has arrived and I cannot believe it.  Friends, Romans and countrymen, you can now buy ‘Existence Is Futile’ right here.  Initially availability will be restricted to 10 countries namely the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain and the United States.  Of course you will need to create an account with to be able to buy it, however I promise the effort is worth it.

I know some of you might  be a little disappointed, including those of you in Poland, and of course Denmark, however all is not lost.  In the coming weeks ‘Existence Is Futile’ will spread like wildfire and will be available via an impressive number of distributors.  I will post more on that topic when I have more information.

The only thing I ask of you is to try it.  If you enjoy the book share it.  If every person that reads the book convinces two  other people to read it, we might make something special.  If you see it somewhere on cyberspace, review it.  It only takes a minute and it helps me immensely.  The future of ‘Existence Is Futile’ is now out of my hands.  It’s in yours.  Treat her well.

Read the press material here

A Dream In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush

I returned home after a two-week holiday to find this waiting for me.  A sample copy of my novel.  To be honest it feels incredibly strange to finally hold it in my hands.  I keep finding myself glimpsing at it to make sure it doesn’t disappear.  So far it hasn’t.  Once I have given it the once over and approved it will then only be a question of time.

I would like to say a quick thank you to those of you that bought ‘The Story of Albert Ross’.  It was a pleasant surprise to see it climb as high as 14,000 from over 400,000 ebooks on Amazon.  If you haven’t yet reviewed it please do, as it only takes a minute of your time and it earns you karma points which are redeemable in the supermarkets of the afterlife.

My holiday was ace, I feel recharged and refreshed and ready to get to work.  I will post a little something about it in the coming days.  In the meantime I am off to see the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.  After all I have always been a keen botanist.

Bits And Bobs

Just a quick post to update you on a couple of matters.

Presently I am awaiting delivery of a sample copy of Existence Is Futile.  Essentially it’s the last thing I have to approve before the book will be made available.  I have the small matter of a holiday on the horizon, which may well slow the whole process down slightly.  The way things stand, the book will most likely be released towards the end of August.

A few people have asked me about the book’s distribution.  Initially,  it will only be available in the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Spain and France.  I know it’s quite disappointing for those of us in Poland, but don’t worry, as my publisher will be adding further countries to that list in the next 4-6 weeks.  Optimistically, by the time the book is available, the small matter of distribution in Poland will be resolved.

And for those of you that care there is now both a Facebook page and a Google plus page for Existence Is Futile to help you keep up to date with all the latest news regarding the release date, the awards which I won’t win, and the most innovative ways to insult me personally.

That’s all for now.  Keep checking back here from time to time for more about Existence Is Futile.

A Very Important Announcement

Ladies and Gentleman, it gives me great pleasure to inform you that my debut novel ‘Existence Is Futile’ is going to be published by the good folks at FeedARead.  Presently, I do not have an exact date, however as soon as I have more information I shall let you know.

For now what I can do is present you with the cover…. 

For those of you that would like to find out a little about what’s inside, you can now find the book description on

Thank you kindly for your attention and remember to keep checking back here for more information.