Two And A Half Days Until Lift Off

As I previously mentioned, I have signed up to and have every intention of writing a 50,000 word novel in November.  I am pumped and can’t wait for Tuesday to come around so I can get started.  You can still sign up for a month of madness, so if you haven’t already put your name down for passage on this fantastic voyage do it now.  You know you want to.

I have decided upon my subject for November.  I feel it is quirky enough to get 50,000 words from.  Not only that I get to fulfill a long-held personal ambition.  Since I decided to participate I have had an idea in my head which has already started to take on a life of its own.  I know that between now and the time I finished this project I will not be able to sleep.  Today I filled in my synopsis on the NaNoWriMo website so I feel able to publicly share the very loose basis for the project.  Of course it may change a thousand times through November but for today it is correct.  So here you are, the brief outline to my new novel.  Are you sitting comfortably?

There are three things which can irrevocably change a man’s life. Death, God and saying the wrong thing at precisely the wrong moment. Unfortunately for Professor Henry Tomlinson he has recently experienced all three. As Henry desperately tries to cling onto the remnants of his sanity he gets pursued by ninjas, hunted by journalists and stalked by priests. Can Henry get through this ordeal without losing his mind, and if he does what kind of Henry Tomlinson will remain?

5 thoughts on “Two And A Half Days Until Lift Off

  1. Writing novels is one hell of a challenge to sanity under the best of circumstances. It’s best not to be sane going in, a lot less likely coming out, and keeping the characters sane might be entirely too much to demand of yourself.


  2. Hi Scott. Nope, I’ve no intention of writing one in November. I’m hoping I’ll never write another novel, nor any other long work. But if I did decide to write one I wouldn’t approach it in the write-in-a-month way. I’ve been using the same novel-writing method for 50 years and it’s served me well enough so’s I wouldn’t care to change it. Old habits die hard.

    Good luck on your project. Old Jules


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