No News Isn’t Necessarily Good News

Tuesday marks the deadline I set when I last submitted my novel.  So far I have sent it to two literary agencies without reply.  I don’t know if it’s better not to hear, or if it would be better to receive a rejection.  Any which way the news certainly isn’t positive so I am already turning my attention to my next target.

It’s inevitable that I am asking myself a lot of questions, and that some part of is quietly concerned that perhaps my novel isn’t good enough and I am just a ridiculous dreamer.  On a positive note I find myself a lot less anxious than I was a month ago.  I believe I have come to terms with the fact that this process if going to be lengthy.

I am much more anxious for November 1st to come around so I can get started on my next project.  I have a rough idea that I am toying with in my head.  I am eager to get started.  So eager that I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these days my brain explodes.  I am quietly confident that I can produce a novel in 30 days.  The only thing which worries me is that 50,000 words may well be a little on the short side.

The November project is keeping my mind occupied.  I am no longer concerning myself with the future.  About the only thing which has changed is that recently I have started wondering exactly how strong my submissions are.  If my cover letters are too stiff and formal.  If they actually say anything about me at all.  I have reached the conclusion that I would rather fail honestly, therefore I shall try a different approach with my next submission.  Wish me luck.

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