Much Ado About Nothing

I have been quieter than a mouse with a throat infection as of late, as there really hasn’t been that much going on. However there have been some bits and pieces and that is reason enough to write a short post.

First up, on a personal note I am relieved to have finally passed my driving test.  I have spent most of the last week visiting family in England, which was strange considering I am now qualified to drive on the other side of the road. One of life’s little ironies I guess.

I would also like to give a special mention to one of my favourite places in England, Trentham Monkey Forest.  It is exactly what it says it is. A forest full of monkeys.  Seriously, is there anybody on earth who wouldn’t actually enjoy that?

On the subject of hedonistic pleasures, I finally got to see ‘Frog’n’Dog’ perform one of my songs live.  The song in question is entitled ‘Seventh Circle’ and is about Satan’s take on a number of recent conflicts.  It was a somewhat surreal experience, but one that I look forward to repeating.  All I can tell you about it is that the song is clearly awesome, and that you will have to wait a few more months to hear it.  Intrigued?  Then why not like  ‘Frog’n’Dog’ on Facebook to stay ahead of the crowd.

I also have a little news regarding everyone’s a certain book about old men and ninjas, namely.. if any of you out there would like to get a free copy of the ‘Existence Is Futile’ eBook, you will have a chance this coming Sunday. The ‘Shut Up & Read’ group on Goodreads will be giving away copies in exchange for reviews.  The best thing of all is that they don’t even have to be good ones ;P  All you have to do is log on to Goodreads (you can do that by linking your Facebook account) join the group, and keep your eyes open on Sunday when they post the link to ‘Existence Is Futile‘.  The whole process could not be simpler.

I can also happily announce that I have finished editing my next book (my solo part anyway).  I have given it to my must trusted eagle-eyed hyphenator-in-chief to give it the once over.  I have also submitted it to one publisher in the U.K. and am back to the business of waiting around and scratching my bottom and glancing nervously at my to-do list.  Until next time, be good.

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