Beavers and Podcasts

First, here is the news.  Sometime ago I was sitting up late on Facebook, and occupying myself with human interaction.  I am aware that the primary function of Facebook is to stay in touch with people you never meet or speak with, without ever speaking to them.  In essence, it is a tool which enables us to stalk ghosts from our respective pasts.  mattAnyhow I like to break taboos.  Where was I?  I was conversing, or is it Facebooking, or Facewriting with an English comedian I met sometime ago at a gig in Warsaw by the name of Matt Price.  We got to talking about a new project he has become involved in, namely ‘Natural Born Storytellers’.  The simple principle of these evenings is that each event has a given theme, and every single person in the place is invited to share a story.  I absolutely love the idea.  After all, a writer has to love a story.  Whilst we chatted about the demise of spoken stories, and the depressing culture which has replaced it, I couldn’t help but whine that it was impossible to for me to participate.  Matt was quick to offer me the opportunity to do so by emailing him by story.  Quite incredibly, not only did he read it, but he passed it on to somebody else too.

A few days later I was invited by another comedian, Mr Rob Heeney to record an episode for his podcast entitled ‘People PeopleWith Stories’.  I was apprehensive at first as the idea of actually telling the story was quite intimidating.  After giving it careful consideration, and listening to a number of his podcasts I decided to give it a go.  Within a week I recorded my episode over Skype.  And I can happily say that today I saw my face on the ‘People With Stories’ coming soon photo album.  As soon as the podcast is released I will post something here.

In the meantime I am slowly trying to get myself organised and finish the next edit of my forthcoming book. Admittedly, today I got somewhat distracted by an incident involving Justin Bieber and a beaver.  You can read about the whole thing on Storify.

Whilst you wait for the release of the podcast, why not check out some of the following –

Matt Price official Facebook page

My favourite Matt Price YouTube video

‘People With Stories’ Facebook page

Why not listen to a ‘People With Stories’ podcast or two (Why not start with Matt’s?)

Justin Beavergate

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