Winning Or The Modern Day Lack Of

Charlie Sheen is winning.  Manchester United are winning.  America is winning.  President Obama was winning once, not so sure now.  Many countries are winning wars.  Wars on crime, corruption, bureaucracy, waste to name just a few.  People win races.  Space races, arm races, leg races, races to the top, to the white house and to the moon.  If everyone is winning, or is capable of winning something, where on earth are the losers?  Everywhere.

Winning and losing used to be used in specific areas, sport and war.  In the U.K winning at sport is now considered a bad thing.  So much so that many schools do not allow kids to participate in sports where there  is a winner and a loser in fear of psychologically marking the child for life.  It has been conclusively proved by Scientific winners that losing a game of netball at the age of 8 often leads to a life of crack addiction, petty crime and prostitution.  Where as stateside they are the polar opposite.  They do not appreciate any sport which can result in a draw.  There must be a result.  Which is why the average rounders baseball game takes three and a half years on average to complete.

The winning of wars has became somewhat since Vietnam.  In a war, where if you believe America, both sides won(isn’t that called a draw in other realms) has become even more farcical in recent conflicts.  On Friday the 2nd of May 2003 George W.Bush declared that the allies had in fact won the war in Iraq.  What he failed to do was tell anyone else about this development.

It is apparent that just about the whole universe has forgotten what winning actually means.  It doesn’t matter if you pretend it doesn’t happen like us Brits, or that you claim it’s happened already, much like the Yanks you are wrong.  The condition of victory deems that someone must lose.  We have lost sight of the valiant loser. We are so terrified of the word failure we now live in a state where we pretend it doesn’t exist.  The fucked up thing is that we now have a large proportion of people who live there lives trying not to fail rather than trying to live.  Whereas true honour comes from trying, of being able to look yourself in the eye, and being able to say that I gave it my best.

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