The Battle Of Troy

Troy Davis is dead.  Executed.  He was convicted of murder and sentenced to death.  That sentence has now been carried out.  It amazes me that some states in America still believe in the death penalty.  The first recorded execution took place in 1608.  403 years later it appears that America still hasn’t realised that the threat of the death penalty does not deter would be murderers.  That number alone is pretty damning.

I am not a lawyer so I do not wish to open a legal debate.  However I do wish to mention a few facts which for me are striking.  First of all 7 from 9 witnesses recanted their testimony amid allegations that they were pressured by the police to make their original statements.  A story which is all to familiar.  Regarding actual physical evidence.  At the crime scene forensic investigators found 0 evidence to connect Davis to the crime.  Another striking number.  Another man named Sylvester Cole confessed to the crime to three people.  However as he was never called as a rebuttal witness at the trial his confession was dismissed as hearsay.  Two witnesses gave statements connection Cole to a firearm in the direct aftermath of the incident.  Another witness placed him at the crime scene.  No murder weapon was ever found.  I don’t know enough about the case to give a rounded legal opinion but as a human being I can say that it sounds a little like reasonable doubt to me.

It’s hard to be completely honest about the death penalty.  As much as I believe it is wrong, if a loved one of mine was directly affected by a serious crime by position would almost certainly change instantly.  I would be a liar if I said otherwise.  The troubling fact about the eye for an eye on concept is that by and large it does not work.  As an example it is fundamentally flawed.  A decent human being should never wish harm onto anyone.  Yet most of us are not decent.  I don’t know what part of this story is the most wrong.  The murder, the dubious conviction or the fact that a seemingly guilty man has got away with a crime scot-free.


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