Beauty On The Subway

Whilst commuting to a meeting today a memory was jogged from deep inside me.  Sometime in the spring I was travelling on the underground when a number of kids, surely no more than 7 or 8 years old got on the train.  It was clear that it was a school trip from out of town as even their chaperones were showing some signs of fear and discomfort.  One of the boys was overcome with excitement from being on an underground train for the first time in his life.  It was a picture of sheer beauty as they kid stood in the middle of the train, ignoring the adults urgings to hold onto something, saying things like wow, cool and brilliant.  The fact that this everyday thing proved to be so exhilarating for this lad was absolutely inspiring.  I was overcome with the urge to let go of the pole and air surf along side him.  Shamefully for me I didn’t.  Instead I watched on with jealousy as the realisation that my zest for life was clearly smaller than his sunk deep into my psyche.

Today like most days, is rather normal.  No one is displaying any signs of having fun, at least outwardly anyway.  Instead people are busying themselves with averting their eyes from the glances of others and concentrating on not showing any recognition of the fact that this speeding death tube stinks to high hell of human sweat and toxic farts.  I wonder what would happen if I air surf in the middle of the train and say cool out loud a few times?  Will anyone make eye contact with me?  Will they all think I am mad?  Or will there be at least one person with a child inside who will want to join in?

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