A Frog’n’Dog Update

It’s been a long time since I have updated my site for various reasons.  One of the projects I have neglected is the album I worked on, what seems like a million years ago by the Polish rock band ‘Frog’n’Dog’.

For reasons such as life, health and that kind of bullshit, Frog’n’Dog split up at the end of last year. Genuinely, I had no idea what was going to become of the material we had worked on.  I was delighted when I saw that Marcin Kuchniak, the guitarist and ‘Dog’ of the band has shared the entire album on Soundcloud.

The album is almost entirely in Polish, aside from one of my songs, entitled ‘Seventh Circle’ which, you guessed it, you can listen to in full right here:


The best thing about Soundcloud as a medium is that not only can you listen to millions of songs free, but you can also download them.  There if any of you want the entire album you can get it here – Frog’n’Dog Entire Album

Now go forth, rock out, and bang your heads.


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