Reviewers Wanted

One of the hardest things about publishing a book is the waiting.  The waiting begins with the first submission and continues even after you have published it.  It’s an incredibly frustrating process, which is often drawn out by factors which aren’t immediately obvious to any observer.  Therefore at times it requires taking a blind leap of faith every now and then.  Which is what I am trying to do right now.

I know I have sold copies.  I know people are creatures of habit.  It is very hard to persuade someone who has never written a review for any product to do it for my book.  I know in many cases people haven’t even got around to reading my book.  It just sits on the bookshelf naked and vulnerable like a third testicle being examined by a doctor.

The problem, in my case at least, is that I do not have a million dollar marketing budget.  I rely absolutely on word of mouth.  The 21st century upgrade to word of mouth is rating and reviewing on the internet.  If people don’t do it, then ‘Existence Is Futile’ will go by largely ignored.  Therefore I ask each of you that have finished reading my book to take 5 minutes to review it on Amazon or Goodreads or wherever you find the possibility, as it truly is YOUR REVIEWS which can persuade a stranger to read my book.

As Queen Victoria used to say ‘If you don’t ask you don’t get, and if you sit on your hands you may well end up feeling an arse.’  That’s why I have decided to increase my chances of success by giving away 10 ebooks to willing reviewers.  If you want to become one, please send me a message on Goodreads stating your preferred e-book format and method of delivery e.g. Smashwords coupon or email and I will happily oblige.  My only requirement is that you write a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads when you finish.  If you cannot decide whether ‘Existence Is Futile’ is worth your time, why not check what others have said already:



And now get on with it!

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