Mourning Morning Is On Sale

Here it is.  D-Day.  ‘Mourning Morning’ is no longer just mine.  Before I begin my descent into post-publishing depression let me share the details with you.

‘Mourning Morning’ will, at least for the time being, be available exclusively via Amazon.  You can buy a paperback, or for you modern kids, an eBook.  The good news for those of you that are members of Kindle Prime you can now borrow the book for no cost.  It is also enrolled in the Kindle MatchBook scheme which means that if you buy the Paperback you will have the opportunity to buy the eBook at a much reduced rate.

All that is left is for me to share the links:

Buy ‘Mourning Morning’ paperback

Buy ‘Mourning Morning’ for Kindle

And once you’ve read it don’t forget to leave a review on Goodreads..

‘Mourning Morning’ on Goodreads



Reviewers Wanted

One of the hardest things about publishing a book is the waiting.  The waiting begins with the first submission and continues even after you have published it.  It’s an incredibly frustrating process, which is often drawn out by factors which aren’t immediately obvious to any observer.  Therefore at times it requires taking a blind leap of faith every now and then.  Which is what I am trying to do right now.

I know I have sold copies.  I know people are creatures of habit.  It is very hard to persuade someone who has never written a review for any product to do it for my book.  I know in many cases people haven’t even got around to reading my book.  It just sits on the bookshelf naked and vulnerable like a third testicle being examined by a doctor.

The problem, in my case at least, is that I do not have a million dollar marketing budget.  I rely absolutely on word of mouth.  The 21st century upgrade to word of mouth is rating and reviewing on the internet.  If people don’t do it, then ‘Existence Is Futile’ will go by largely ignored.  Therefore I ask each of you that have finished reading my book to take 5 minutes to review it on Amazon or Goodreads or wherever you find the possibility, as it truly is YOUR REVIEWS which can persuade a stranger to read my book.

As Queen Victoria used to say ‘If you don’t ask you don’t get, and if you sit on your hands you may well end up feeling an arse.’  That’s why I have decided to increase my chances of success by giving away 10 ebooks to willing reviewers.  If you want to become one, please send me a message on Goodreads stating your preferred e-book format and method of delivery e.g. Smashwords coupon or email and I will happily oblige.  My only requirement is that you write a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads when you finish.  If you cannot decide whether ‘Existence Is Futile’ is worth your time, why not check what others have said already:



And now get on with it!

Rock Down To Electric Avenue

It’s great to finally be able to announce that ‘Existence Is Futile’ is now available as an Ebook.  Initially it is available on all Amazon channels including and aswell as  In the coming weeks it should also become turn up on Barnes & Noble and iTunes.  As soon as I get any news on those fronts I will let you know.

The Ebooks were the last items on my checklist, with their completion it means that I can finally start focusing on other things.  I feel a combination of relief and fear.  Relief that I have finally finished my to do list and fear that ‘Existence Is Futile’ is finally out of my hands.  I wonder if this is what it feels like to leave your child at the school gates on their first day?

I had  another peculiar discovery recently.  My book is available in Japan via  It’s certainly the record for the furthest from me.  I doubt I will sell a copy there but it amuses me to imagine that somewhere in Tokyo there is someone reading ‘Existence Is Futile’ in a sushi bar and that maybe I will somehow convince them that ninjas exist.  Now that would be something to be proud of.

An Apple A Day…

My first announcement should make a few of you happy.  A number of you apple-junkies have been feeling incredibly left out.  Not any longer.  I am pleased to announce that ‘The Story of Albert Ross’ is now available on I-Tunes.  Now go forth and download my friends, and hopefully enjoy.

In other news, ‘Existence Is Futile’ is now listed on and  The bad news is that it is not yet in stock.  That does not stop you from ordering it, to encourage them to speed up a little.  Best of all is the fact that Amazon delivers to a number of countries(including Poland and Denmark).  The most bizarre fact of all is that on both sites someone has listed ‘used’ copies.  Curiously those copies do not yet exist.  That’s what you call forward planning.

My last announcement relates to  For those of you that don’t know Goodreads is a book rating website, something similar to what IMDB does for films.  You log in, rate what you’ve read, review if you wish, plan what you are going to read, see what your friends are reading and you can even follow authors you like.  There is no need to sign up anymore as you can link Goodreads directly to your Facebook profile.  Why is that of interest?  Because you can now find my profile, a page for ‘Existence Is Futile’ and a page for ‘The Story of Albert Ross’ on Goodreads.  If you already use it, you know what to do.  If you don’t, consider joining, if you do, find me.  If you’ve read something I’ve written, review it.  If not, add it to your to-read list.  Why?  Because it will help me, and more importantly it will help share these stories.  Go on, you know you want to.

Amazing News

Oh happy days.  I woke up this morning to the news that my attempt at world domination has taken yet another twist.  My short story is now on,,,, and   The only Amazon I am not in is the rainforest in South America.

The Story of Albert Ross, fingers crossed, will appear on a number of other sites in the coming weeks.  Keep your eyes and ears open as I have tried to distribute it as widely as possible.  Therefore it is all merely a matter of time.  As my Grandfather used to say ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’.  But then he had a habit of stating the bloody obvious.