WH Smith Has Joined The Darkside

Just another quick update to let you know that ‘Existence Is Futile’ is now available from those lovely people at WH Smith.  That’s right WH Smith.  The bookshop which I walked past almost every single day whilst I was at secondary school.   It feels strange to say and to be honest it still feels a little far fetched.  Alas it is true.  If anyone wishes to pop in and ask for ‘Fly Fishing’ by JR Hartley, or ‘Existence Is Futile’ by Scott Andrews please do.  As it is exactly what I intend on doing next time I am on the island.

I feel a little guilty for spamming you all with news at the moment so I thought that I would at least give you a peek into the future.  Shortly I will resume editing my other novel.  It’s unpublished as of yet.  It is  a considerably longer story about a number of bizarre events in a fictional country.  What can I tell you about it without giving too much away?  The bad news is that it doesn’t contain any ninjas.  The good news is that it does, in fact, contain a joke about toilets.  When I finish it, I will resume my fruitless effort of trying to find a publisher brave enough to take a risk.  Hopefully the fact that I have one book published already might help.

In the coming weeks I expect to see both of my stories appear in a number of other online bookstores.  If you happen to be a bookseller or a bookbuyer and you stumble across either of them anywhere, please let me know so I can link them to this site, as I am finding it harder and harder to keep track of where they are appearing.  Just today I discovered that ‘Existence Is Futile’ is now available via the bookdepository.co.uk

Thanks to those of you that have bought ‘Existence Is Futile’ and ‘The Story of Albert Ross’.  If you liked either of them don’t forget to review them.  Almost all booksellers websites allow you to.  And it’s your reviews which can convince strangers to follow your path.  Until next time.

2 thoughts on “WH Smith Has Joined The Darkside

  1. I think you need a more googleable title i know it late to be raising this point, is googleable a word ?? well it says it is in the urban dictionary so i will use it i suppose,

    Existence is futile is an album by american technical death metal band revocation, now im sure they are a lovely bunch of lads and have educated me as i was never aware technical death metal existed.

    anyway im twittering on im proposing a new name for the book so when you google it you appear top of the list(pulp them partridge style) im proposing – Jamrags for gypsys now im not sure if it will tie in with the relevance of the book then again i haven’t read the book perhaps there is plenty of gypsys on ragweek in it,(coincidently Jam rags is also in the urban dictionary)

    Just an idea


    1. Thanks for your proposal, I will certainly consider it. Unfortunately my novel does not contain a single jamrag or gypsy. I recommend that you read the book as it will help you understand my choice of title.

      I am aware of revocation and I have asked them kindly via the medium of modern dance if they wouldn’t be kind enough to change their album title. As of yet I haven’t had a response. I would like to point out that the picture looks very different when you google ‘Scott Andrews Existence Is Futile’ as I am all over google like a premiership footballer over a drunk hairdresser.

      There are of course fringe benefits associated with using a popularised title. I already have a choice of a number of theme tunes to my book, my favourite so far being this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1S8o3HmTURU as well as some pretty awesome t-shirts on the market including this one http://www.cottonfactory.com/product.php?id_product=1079 which means I can say such words as merchandising opportunities and brand marketing to strangers on public transport.


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