God Save The President

This is just a quick update to let those of you across the pond know that ‘Existence Is Futile’ is now available via America’s biggest and best bookstore Barnes & Noble.  For the Brits it’s the equivalent of WH Smith, and for the Poles it’s like Empik.

To celebrate the availability of my book in the good old U.S.A, here is a list of three things I love about America

  1. It rhymes with Angelica
  2. Chuck Norris
  3. Cowboy movies which aren’t gay.

It’s great news as I have always been a massive fan of the land of the brave and thought that Americans are all rather lovely, especially those of them that like to read books which are inclusive enough to include a ninja.

God bless America.

9/8/12 – I woke up this morning to discover that Barnes & Noble have also listed ‘The Story of Albert Ross

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