Thoughts From The Winners Podium

Yesterday I finished my 50,000 word NaNoWriMo novel.  I am now officially a winner.  And I am not sure what I feel.  The last 5k was somewhat haggard as I hit the wall at the 45k mark.  Having quickly realised that I didn’t have time to be methodical I wrote a prologue and an epilogue to help me stagger over the finish line.  Today is the first morning where I don’t have to write, yet here I am, a literary crack head.

Every day for the last twenty-nine I have woken up and engaged myself in the life of others.  Today I shall not.  My plan for the next week is to submit my first novel to the next agent, write nothing and read a little.  First I shall re-read the excellent Dice Man by Luke Rhineheart, and then hopefully having grown some distance to myself will I start to look at if anything can come out of November’s madness.

My doubts are not due to the nature of NaNoWriMo but more due to the fact that I have written a novel which finishes in 50,000 words, which in my opinion is far to short for most publishers.  Ideally 80k is a minimum.  I am not convinced by the idea of increasing the size of the story by an extra 50%, as at 50k the story seems to evolve quite naturally.  Whether my opinion will change at some point I don’t know.

Another question is what I do with this blog.  Having initially promised myself that I would resign from it on my 31st birthday, here I am.  I will think that over through December and make a decision in the new year.

I suppose the biggest positive to come out of November is the fact that I can say that I have written two novels.  For the first time I find myself feeling like a novelist as opposed to someone who has written a novel.  The only question now is whether they will ever see the light of day.  For the time being I can remain confident in the fact that I am, and I probably will always remain a literary failure.

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