Oh Poland

Yet again, Polish women have had to take to the streets to fight for their right not to be treated as incubators. It saddens me to see that the situation has gone full circle. The bigoted, misogynistic, little grey men have, once more, tried to outlaw abortion and now find themselves facing mass protests. If there is one thing I have learned in my years on this Earth, it is this – you cannot break the spirit of the Polish people. Many have tried, and nobody has ever succeeded.

In solidarity with the rational Poles, I have written something I wish to share with you.

Oh Poland

In every church,

And every book,

In every corner,

And every nook,

In every painting,

And every prayer,

In every psalm,

And every stare,

In every sermon,

And every mass,

In every song,

And this is a fact,

It doesn’t say a single word,

About a woman’s right to choose.


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