Say Hello To My Little Friend


Ladies and Gentlemen, I am delighted to introduce you to Alejandro Jorge Pedro Maria Elbúho, a humble Menorcan owl, who has wisely devoted his life to hunting adventures.  I know what you are thinking, it rhymes with hot da duck.

We met Alejandro in Menorca where we holidayed last summer.  The moment we saw him on a market stall we were immediately dazzled by his awesomeness.  The first thing was how handsome he looked, hanging from a peg and swaying in the breeze.  We were immediately struck by a wave of inspiration.  The inspiration came from ‘Up In The Air’ literally.  The hollywood film of course.  One of the subplots involves George Clooney travelling around America with a cardboard cutout of his sister and her husband, taking the honeymoon snaps they could never afford.  With that in mind we decided that for the remainder of our holiday we would take pictures of Alejandro everywhere we went.  We were quite unsure why, and most certainly concerned that we had both perhaps lost our minds.  Simply put, we had a vague idea that we would use the photos for some kind of travel blog.

After experimenting with different blogging sites we settled on a layout on posterous.  Where for sometime we quite regularly added pictures along with short explanations of Alejandro’s story in ‘Owlglish’.  We also created a Facebook group for him.  Initially we wanted to see if the power of the internet would turn Alejandro into a celebrity.  However for reasons we could never figure, it didn’t.  As our complete failure came home us, we slowly lost interest in the project and stopped updating his blog.  We simply left him hanging on the coat rack of failure, waiting for a better day.

Recently we have decided to reactivate his blog.  And to publicise him too.  As we feel he is just too damned awesome to be forgotten.  We still have a stockpile of photos from Menorca and a few other places and it seems a shame to waste them.  So Alejandro is back and as he would say ‘ready for big adventure’.

Alejandro Jorge Pedro Maria Elbúho’s travel blog on Posterous

Alejandro Jorge Pedro Maria Elbúho’s fanpage on Facebook

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