Today will go down in my own personal history as notable for two reasons.  Firstly, because today I failed my driving test.  And secondly because today is the day that I launch the next phase of my plan to take over the world, albeit by public transport.  I hope that this day will be as memorable as the day I met a man who claimed that he was Jesus, at Cheshunt railway station, as either its special, or a sign of madness.

A quick glance at your browser will confirm that you are visiting my new home in cyberspace, Take a look around, feel free to let me know your thoughts on the new design and layout by clicking on one of the comment bubbles.  Not only have I launched the new site today, but I have also launched a new official Facebook page.  I know what some of you will be thinking:  Do these changes have a point? Or are these the actions of a man on one hell of an ego trip?  The truth is quite probably a little of both.

The reason for this reinvention is the fact that I am now involved in a number of different projects and I needed to redesign the blog to accommodate all of my future masterpieces.  As wonderful as the ‘Existence Is Futile’ Facebook page is, I don’t want to spam the likers with information which doesn’t relate to the book.  That’s why I have started an author page.

At this point I cannot say too much about my new projects.  As each of them progresses I will be able to provide more and more details on them.  For now I can say that I am engaged in editing my next novel.  Presently, I do not have an agreement to publish it with anyone, so it still is a while away.  I can tell you that I have written lyrics for an album for a rock band.  Currently, they haven’t yet been recorded.  I have appeared in a podcast with someone much more famous than me.  At the moment I have no idea when it will be released.  I have started developing a film with a Polish director.  And in the coming weeks I expect to begin work on revising a collection of modern fairy tales in co-operation with a Danish illustrator, aswell as reactivating a humourous travel blog of sorts.

As I hope you can see from the list above, I am entering a very busy period of my life.  It’s for exactly this reason that I will be cutting back on blog posts.  Instead I will be blogging a kind of working journal regarding all the different baskets I currently have eggs in.  Additionally, I will be maintaining the ‘Existence Is Futile’ page aswell as updating the new official page when relevant.  And finally, yes, the ego has landed 😛

4 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. Never mind the first driving test – you will pass the second one, if I could – then you can as well! And I am happy to see my initiative on the list of your projects.


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