January Sales

Good news my kindlings, kobos, space-age fruit, or whatever form of electronic device you prefer to read on.  To celebrate the fact that ‘Existence Is Futile’ has passed 2,500 likes on Facebook, I have decided to slash the price of the e-book like I’m Freddy Krueger on  amphetamines.

In the U.S of A and India the price is due to fall below $5 which is cheaper than a … nevermind.  On the beautiful island of Britannica you will be able to buy the e-book for less than half the price of a pack of cigarettes.  Europe is closing on 5 euros which one day will be worth as much money as a single slice of Edam.  In Japan the price will drop below 500 yen.  In Brasil, less than  a bottle of rum.  And in Canada less than a tin of maple syrup.

And if that isn’t enough I am still looking for reviewers on Goodreads.  If you want to become one, you could get the book for free.  Click here for more.

You have so many ways to get my book, it would be a crime not too.  After all it’s January, everyone is staying home and saving money.  So why not stay home with a good book?  And if you cannot find a good book, why not try ‘Existence Is Futile’ 😛

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