Popularis Immortalis

A true story for you.  There was once a carpenter who disappeared from the high pressure world of carpentry when he was thirty years old.   He devoted his time to his favorite hobbies which included hanging around with twelve men, wandering around preaching at people and claiming to be an astounding magician.  Many people were disturbed by both his peculiar words and his disheveled appearance.  There were rumours that he was crazy, that he was a terrorist and that he claimed he was the son of God.  When he died, tragically of course, many people thought it was his own fault.  People mourned him.  Not for him personally but for the quality of the furniture he produced.  Some claimed him as a genius, saying that there would never be a carpenter of his ilk again.  It was said that his dovetail joint was quite possibly the greatest the world has ever seen.  At Christmas people went out and bought job lots of his furniture, which they sat on once, and never ever sat on again.  Two thousand years later barely a soul remembers his name.

It’s a good job people aren’t so fickle nowadays….

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