How Good Is One Fifth Of You?

Now I am finally in a position to reduce the hours I spend playing around with websites(It’s amazing to think that two weeks ago I didn’t know a thing.) I can slowly start turning my attention back towards my novel.  I have been fighting with myself for sometime.  Namely the knowledge that I must attempt to polish either the first three chapters(I don’t have a single chapter) or fifty pages into a shiny enough state that someone may mistake it for a diamond.  And that my friends is a troublesome thought.

Picture the scene.  A whirlwind romance.  Man and woman meet, fall in love and get married.  Man only tells woman about 20% of his true personality.  Is the marriage going to work?  Hell, no.  Picture the scene.  Thirty something business executive goes for a job interview.  Rather than explain what he has been doing for the last ten years, he only mentions the last two.  Is he going to get the job?  It’s rather unlikely.  And this is the very real issue I am faced with.  How do I make the two years which Mr X does talk about so compelling that he gets the job?

This type of thinking can torpedo the most brilliant project in a manner of seconds.  You can’t help but wonder whether you should make small changes to suit the people you are going to send it too.  If the agent or publisher you are targeting has interests in a broad spectrum of work, but and it’s a very big supersized quarter pounder meal butt recently made a wheelbarrow full of money by promoting a book about lesbian hairdresser vampires flying a spaceship to the planet Ketchup; should you add some hairdressers?  It’s hard to resist the temptation.  I know in my own case, my novel includes sequences regarding civic unrest.  Six months ago I was considering moving the story to the middle east.  A fortnight ago I was thinking about moving the story to London.  In some respects you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.  When you find yourself face to face with the inevitable rejection letter then you will be sternly asking yourself if lesbian hairdressing vampires could add something to your story.  And that’s when the problems will really start.

Confidence doesn’t come to many.  Those who are gifted with it are often deemed arrogant by their peers.  However if you truly love what you have created there is nothing wrong with having faith and sticking to your guns.  My novel Lesbian Hairdressing Vampires From Outta Space will be available on………..

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