It’s a Kind of Maciek

Image.  We curate it, we preserve it, we defend it and we idealize it.  It is the centrifugal force that defines us, at least we think it does.  We constantly present a variation of our image every single day.  In the office we may wish to be seen as a diligent worker bee, on a Friday night a party animal, on a Sunday morning devoutly religious or not as the case may be.  Take a moment for yourself and count how many images you possess, and then ask yourself if you are insane.

Mankind is so obsessed by image that it permeates through every single thing we do.  We have created statues, portraits, poems, photos, songs, books, plays and films all in the name of presenting an image.  A writer or an artist is able to embellish that image in order to better sell it to their audience.  A photographer isn’t.

It is true to say that in the 21st century we are all photographers.  We spend much of our lives trying to capture experiences through tiny camera lenses on mobile phones instead of experiencing them.  Then we add filters to further distort the experience that we were trying to capture in order to make it better.  The oft result is that we end up with a collection of kaleidoscopic pictures which we store somewhere online and never look at again.

There is another kind of photographer.  That is a person that tries to coordinate an image inside their own head with the equipment they have in front of them.  It is more than trying to capture a moment, it is the evocation of emotion from within the viewer.  It must make you feel something, otherwise it is little more than wallpaper.

I would like to introduce you to a photographer by the name of Maciek Wojciechowski. Maciek’s career is gradually taking off and recently has been focusing on nudes.  You can find some wonderful examples at  His work has been exhibited internationally and he is available for commissions.  Also he took this…


Maciek also took this.  I liked it so much that I bought a print.  You can too.  Click on the photo to learn more.


Now go forth and check out his work and try to cut your own number of images down to one.  ‘Alisa’ by Maciek Wojciechowski in on exhibit at the Dray Walk Gallery on Brick Lane, London until the 20th of October.  If you live in the city, you should definitely check it out.

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