A Brief Postcard From Tuscany

As I sit here, sipping red wine, occasionally gazing at the rolling Tuscan hills that stretch out before me, it occurs to me that I am lucky.  Not just because I am extremely good-looking, charming and intelligent, but because fortune has at times looked upon me kindly and it is precisely one of those times that I wish to wax lyrically about.

Sometime ago, in the Warsaw winter haze a remarkable number of coincedences happened to happen which involved rock music, an accordion, a joke about breasts, a kidnapping and a poignant argument about the identity of a Jewish ninja.  Fast forward nearly 3 years and a fruit has grown from the tree of silliness.  That fruit goes by the name of IO/YU.  I am loathe to reveal too much about the project so I will leave you with the following suggestion.

To follow the unveiling of this project please follow IO/YU on Facebook by clicking here.

In the meantime feel free to watch the video below which somewhat magnificently explains the quintessence of the project.

In the meantime I am going back to my holiday.  Be nice to each other 🙂

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