King For A Day

This weekend heralds a weekend of partying and debauchery across Holland as it marks the first King’s Day since the inauguration of a King so good that he needs two names, King Willem-Alexander.  Now a normal grown man would take the time to learn as much as he can about the culture and heritage surrounding King’s Day.  Thankfully I am not a grown up.

I (along with my dear lady) have a long-held obsession with national celebrations.  This fascination has led to us nearly being blown up in Malta, and nearly trampled to death in Menorca.  I hold a firm belief in regards to new experiences.  The thing you should do, the essential component in ensuring that you get the maximum from them is quite simple.  Just experience them.  Don’t pre-plan them.  Don’t study them avidly.  Just go, try to blend in and treat it as an anthropological investigation.

It’s for exactly those reasons that I have read as little as possible about King’s Day.  I have bought the most expensive undercover surveillance kit I could afford.  A fifteen euro orange t-shirt and some red, white and blue face paint.  I have avoided conversations about the topic whenever I could in order to remain as ignorant as possible.  The only knowledge I have about the celebrations come from secondary sources.  Here is a list of my favourite spurious gossip that I have heard so far:

  1. There will be gazillions of people everywhere
  2. Everybody wears something orange
  3. Everybody will be selling whatever they can think of
  4. Everybody will get very, very drunk
  5. There is a famous man who you can pay to throw eggs at

As you can see, I am not particularly well-versed regarding what to expect and I sincerely hope that my ignorance will fan my enthusiasm to get as much as I can from King’s Day.  I only hope that it will include windmills, clogs and rock and roll.

Have a lovely weekend, I will let you know what transpires 🙂


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