Pinteresting, Very Pinteresting

Yesterday I reluctantly signed up for yet another social network.  I have already long past the point of actively being able to remember my own passwords for social platforms, as there are so many that have crashed and burned, and appeared, and disappeared that I can hardly keep count.  So believe me when I say I am absolutely sick of the numerous forms of social media.  The trouble is with a book to promote, they are a necessary evil.

I am now a proud owner of a Pinterest account.  The reason I signed up for Pinterest was not due to any kind of curiosity.  The idea of a social media site where people just share pictures reminded me of someplace else.  Bizarrely, the someplace else in question drove me to it.  The ‘Existence Is Futile’ Facebook page provides me with user statistics showing various demographic data about visitors to the page.  Interestingly, the majority of ‘Likes’ come from women aged between 28-35.  Can you name a social media site where 80% of its users are female and the majority of those are between 23-34?  That’s right, it’s Pinterest.

The concept of Pinterest is straightforward.  As opposed to merely liking something you can pin it to a number of boards.  You can choose the theme of these boards.  You can upload your own pins, or pin things from almost anywhere on the net.  If people like it they will repin it to theirs.  And that’s it.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?  Then if it’s so simple how can you use it to try to create something interesting in the name of book.  After all my book has words and not pictures.

After giving it some thought I realised that Pinterest offers me a unique opportunity.  I have used Pinterest to create a mini-tour of the locations which my main character visits.  I have also uploaded a few other bits and pieces which relate to the writing and publishing process, which would have seemed inappropriate via other mediums.  If you have read ‘Existence Is Futile’ already, make sure you take a look as it will provide you with a chance to see where the story took place.  And if if you haven’t read it yet, have a look anyway as it will give you some insights into the plot of the book.

To check out my Pinterest Virtual Tour of ‘Existence Is Futile’ click here
To read more about the demographics behind Pinterest click here

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