An Anniversary Of Sorts

A few days ago I unwittingly celebrated my first anniversary as a blogger.  It seems somewhat unbelievable that so much time has gone by and that so much nonsense has passed from my brain to my fingertips and reached your eyes.  However, it has, and that is reason alone to celebrate.

A year ago I had no clear idea why I was drawn to starting this site.  I suppose mainly it was to give myself an outlet as I drowned myself in editing my first novel.  In the year which followed I wrote another book (and actually finished editing it), amassed 95 posts on a variety of topics, gained a surprising number of followers and in turn learnt a great deal about myself.  And for that I would like to thank all of you which have been stopping by over the past year.

To celebrate my anniversary I decided to revamp the site.  Now it has a shiny clean look, and hopefully a more user-friendly feel to it.  I hope you like it.  I do.

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