I Enable Therefore I Am

Your alcoholic neighbour knocks on your door sobbing.  He says he is broke, that they have cut off his electricity and that if you don’t lend him some money his house if going to be repossessed.  If you give him money there is a good chance he will piss it up the wall.  If you don’t there is a possibility that his world will fall to pieces.

Your junkie cousin comes to see you.  Apparently he had an unexpectedly large telephone bill and now he says doesn’t have enough money to get to work in the morning.  If you could only lend him some money until Friday he promises he will pay you back.  Of course there is an equal chance that he may go out and get wasted, and not show up for work, and inevitably lose his job.  What do you do?  It’s your choice.

Are we as a race in a perpetual state of fucking denial?  Nine out of ten cats don’t and won’t do these things in fear of enabling these social failures from fucking up again.  In the same way we don’t give bombs to terrorists (only money), teaching jobs to pedophiles,  guns to crazy people (aside from the U.S) or knuckle dusters to wife beaters.  Common sense warns you that you have heard it all before.  That you have been let down so many times in the past.

Why is it we are prepared to let the governments of the west give more money to the banks?  The same banks which have created such a shit storm in the process.  Why is it we are prepared to allow our Politicians to give more powers to the E.U.? The same administrative facility which has overseen this epic-sized fuck up.  Are we blatantly mental?

Where are the stories of the global recession in other parts of the globe?  Where are the stories of unemployed Brazilian foresters?  Or Chinese accordion players?  Or African ice cream manufacturers?  The news lures us into this false sense of security.  The recession has only happened in the U.S and the E.U because of our vastly superior financial apparatus.  So what about the middle-east?  Where are the stories of broke Arabian sheiks having to reduce their harem for 432 to 431 fair bosomed maidens?  Where are the redundancies there?

Sometimes the truth can only be as clear as mud.  We are having an invisible global recession, caused by over reliance on invisible assets, caused by over-investment in fictional currencies, yet we still enable the idiots at the controls to carry on navigating our path to an inevitable meltdown.  It is as if we don’t care, like we are merely along for the ride and we are too fucking lazy to look out the window and take a glance at the iceberg we are heading towards.

2 thoughts on “I Enable Therefore I Am

  1. But as the government(well lots of different governments) all owe the banks money isnt it just a case of giving back money whats already there own ?

    Its like you lending your next door neighbour some money he buys some Zubrowka( as all good Polish neighbours do) then him lending you the vodka.


  2. Not really because strictly speaking governments don’t borrow money from banks, they sell bonds to them instead. You can find a great guide to all things debt like here http://www.debtbombshell.com/bond-market.htm

    Strictly speaking its more like you buying Zubrowka for your neighbour and him buying the receipt from you, which you promise to pay him interest on every 6 months before giving him his money back in 15 years time. In two words, batshit mental.


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