The Humble Cold

If you were a human you would be the little weasel like man at a party who begins every sentence with one time I…

If you were food you would be celery.  You are destined to remain unwanted and untouched on the buffet table of life.

If you were a music album, you would be pan pipe moods.  You are not a proper disease which is why your victims plight garners no sympathy.  Your hideousness is only truly appreciated in confined spaces.

If you were an actor you would be Kevin Bacon.  Your performance can be melodramatic, however you bring an intensity which is uniquely your own.

I ask only one thing of you, old friend.  Please vacate my body.  You are the mosquito of illnesses, a bearable irritant.  Your presence annoys me, for you are terrible company.  Surely there is someone more worthy of your presence than me?

(12/12 – I am sick again.  And have a busy week ahead.  I thought I would take the opportunity to remind you of the prayer I repeat at times like these.)

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