Nothing A-musing

In the past 5 years the price of almost everything has doubled yet life has not got twice better.  I am talking about everyday things such as food, petrol and travel tickets.  Meanwhile my wages haven’t increased for 6 years.  If I was an alien I would look at these signs and interpret them as evidence that this world isn’t working.

It’s not just the cost of living, it’s also the way we live too.  In many arab nations there have been uprisings in the name of freedom and democracy whilst in the UK there were riots because we have freedom and democracy.  All over the planet people are pissed off because if anything it just keeps getting worse.

Yesterday saw the tenth anniversary of 9/11.  Ten years on there are still suicide bombers and jihad fighters in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Many Western countries still feel at risk to the threat of terrorism. It is yet another example of how trouble never disappears, it just changes location.

The world has stopped evolving.  Our races cultural output is restricted to twilight and Harry Fucking Potter.  Our environmental contribution is the sum total of fuck all.  All over the planet governments are spending money which they don’t have in a desperate attempt to maintain the illusion that everything is just fine.  But it’s not.  If anything it just keeps getting worse.

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