Those Without Sin – Reflections Of A Hypocrite

Last night I took part in a kind of twitter discussion with a guy I have never met.  I was advising him on the perils of being judgmental.  I told him:

‘being judgmental does not honor any aspect of human decency.  As to be virtuous enough to judge everyone else you must be blind to your own flaws as a human being.’


I look back on my comments with a modicum of pride that I was able to articulate my thoughts so well.  However having a day to reflect upon them I realise now that in one statement I have massively contradicted myself and exposed myself as a stinking hypocrite.  It is not that I do not believe in what I have left.  I do believe it.  I think it is an absolutely vital moral concept.  What troubles me is the fact that I stand at a crossroads in my life and this very statement is at odds with myself.

In the past year and a bit I have done my level best to come to terms with myself.  I have accepted that I am either a writer or a child trapped in a mans body.  Whichever I am I decided to give myself a year to find out, and that year is nearly up.  Conceptually being a writer does not meld well with my above statement.  Supposedly a writer should be an acute observer of the world.  He should make judgments of those around him in order to create a story which resonates with other humans.  If the prior statement is true and the above statement too, then a writer is morally bereft of human decency.  Especially one with a readership of zero and a category entitled people studies.

I confess.  I am a hypocrite.  However I deny that I am a liar.  I believe what I said.  I am just not able to live by it.  Therefore the only question which remains is whether it’s better to be an honest hypocrite or a dishonest liar?  Who am I to judge?

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