A Gamblers Soul

I haven’t written much all week as I have been busy helping set up a website for gamblers.  Gambling is very much part of my life, and in many respects impacts my personality.  Gambling has been present in literature for many years whether it be Fyodor or Luke Rhinehart.  It fascinates me as physics can fascinate a scientist.

Growing up in a family meant often being forced to give a concrete opinion.  That required weighing up facts and variables in order to reach the correct conclusion.  As a mental skill assessment and awareness is highly valuable.  Nowadays I live in a culture where gambling is seen as a pastime of the morally defunct.  Which means that my decision-making skills are entirely different from those around me.

One example I have seen many times in non-gambling cultures is the lack of awareness of risk reward.  Say you have an idea for a business.  You arrange a meeting to present your idea to a rich entrepreneur.  In a gamble friendly culture the focus will be very much on the risk reward yield.  Where as in a non-gamble culture the focus is only on the costs incurred.  It means that businesses here tend to invest the bare minimum in any project and the results are visible everywhere you go.

Aside from business there are also personal aspects.  Take something as simple as dating.  A gambler will constantly assess and re-assess the risk reward ratio and consequently be more daring in their approach to romance.  A non gambler will wait until what they consider to be the optimum moment, which could be twenty years.

I am not trying to suggest that either group a or b is better.  If you want to understand exactly what I am getting at try a social experiment.  Next time you go for a coffee somewhere, take a seat and observe the people around you for five minutes.  Then ask yourself what will the next person to enter the cafe look like.  You can even try to brand their phones, guess the colours of their clothing.  When the person finally enters see if you are right.  Then try to work out why exactly you guessed like you did.  There is a small chance you may learn something interesting about yourself.

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