A Huge Rocking Mutha Of A Premiere

In March 2013 I wrote this:

A few months ago I had an invitation to meet a singer who had just started recording a rock album with his band here in Poland.    All I knew was that he was looking for help to make an English album.  I was curious, but also apprehensive as I really didn’t have any idea what I was letting myself in for.  However the fire, the dream, the sheer minute possibility that it could happen was enough motivation to kick me up the arse and get me to meet him.  We ate, drank, talked, drank, talked and listened to his album.  Within thirty seconds of listening to the first song I had a big smile on my face.  After the third track I recall whispering to my fiancée one simple word, ‘fuck yes!’

Little did I know that the cantankerous old bastard that we call life would somehow contrive to throw up a million obstacles for a number of us that have been involved in the project.  I have since relocated to a quiet life in Amsterdam, gotten married and embraced baking, the gym and IKEA.  If embracing something is defined as swearing a great deal about it.  I had happily settled into my life as an expatriate housewife when rock came and knocked at my door once more.  It was the knock in the form of this video in my inbox.  Quite frankly, it blew me away.

This is the first of the English songs written by yours truly for Frog’n’Dog.  When Mariusz offered me the project he sent me away with a CD with a vocal line recorded and gave me free rein to feel in the gaps.  This song, ‘Seventh Circle’, jumped out at me like a flasher in a public park.  I wrote the text to the imagery the music provided for me.  The opening forty seconds of this song painted a picture inside my head that was too strong for me to ignore.  Now sit back, turn your volume up to maximum, press play and nod your head.  And if you like it, share it, as if your life depends on you.  Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Frog’n’Dog.


Crystal Balls

Recently, I finally got to see the band I’ve been writing for play live.  If their debut gig was anything to go by I am very optimistic about the future.  It also gave me a chance to meet the rest of the band and learn of their plans. Regarding the album I have been working on, the bad news is that it won’t be recorded until summer.  The good news is that it looks as if I will have three more songs to write.  They plan to launch the album in autumn, so we have quite a wait ahead of us.

In the meantime I am beavering away on my next novel.  I am probably 40% done.  Editing is a lonely, thankless task which I am particularly slow and not particularly meticulous at.  I can’t wait to finish this part.  Next I shall pass it on to a very good friend of mine who worked on ‘Existence Is Futile’ and ‘The Story of Albert Ross’ with me.  Then and only then, after his hyphen-addicted eagle eyes have given the text the once over will I decide what I will do with it.

Thankfully distractions are never hard to come by, and I have had plenty lately.  I recently received an awesome review from K.S Marsden, author of ‘The Shadow Rises’.  I did something I seldom feel compelled to do and wrote a review of a book entitled ‘The Birdman Cycle’ by Thomas Rose-Masters.  Additionally, I have seen the first illustrations for my book of ‘new-age’ fairy tales, and am very impressed.  And finally I have been helping a certain Senor Elbuho move into his brand new internest.  He still has a few things to unpack, but as soon as he is ready I am sure he will post something on Facebook.