The Non-stop Dancer is available

Ladies and Gentlemen, and all of you that are bored as you shuttle between work and polling stations, I have some good news, I can offer you something to read.

To commemorate the wonderful day in which the nation of Great Britain gets to choose between a turd sandwich, a turd roll, a turd panini and a turd baguette, I have decided to publish a #Brexit themed short story entitled ‘The Non-stop Dancer’.

For those of you that do eBooks you can get it here from #Smashwords

For those of that think you are man enough to read it in one go(it takes around 26 minutes) you can read it here on #Medium

And for those of that don’t eBook and would like to read it in digestible chunks, you can read it here on #Wattpad

All that’s left for me to say is go forth and read it.  If you like it, share it.  And if you love it, or hate it, you let me know what you think by leaving a review right here on #Goodreads



A Big Thank You

This is just a quick post to thank everyone that has downloaded ‘All Hallows’ Eve‘ from  I am absolutely delighted to announce that we have passed 100 downloads, and in my opinion that calls for a small celebration.

As a thank you to all you lovely people who have downloaded my short story I want to keep my twitter based promise and announce a giveaway.  For the remainder of this weekend I shall be giving my other work away for the grand total of fuck all via  It’s pretty simple if you have already downloaded ‘All Hallows’ Eve‘ for nothing.  Log into Smashwords, add ‘Existence Is Futile‘ and ‘The Story of Albert Ross‘ to your basket.  When you get to the checkout enter the following coupon codes:

To get ‘Existence Is Futile‘ absolutely free enter coupon code ‘YP94P’

To get ‘The Story of Albert Ross‘ for nothing enter coupon code ‘EC23M’

In return I ask one thing and one thing only.  If you enjoy any of the things which I have written please leave a review on their respective pages on, after all it’s your reviews that might persuade people to take a risk on me.

Rock Down To Electric Avenue

It’s great to finally be able to announce that ‘Existence Is Futile’ is now available as an Ebook.  Initially it is available on all Amazon channels including and aswell as  In the coming weeks it should also become turn up on Barnes & Noble and iTunes.  As soon as I get any news on those fronts I will let you know.

The Ebooks were the last items on my checklist, with their completion it means that I can finally start focusing on other things.  I feel a combination of relief and fear.  Relief that I have finally finished my to do list and fear that ‘Existence Is Futile’ is finally out of my hands.  I wonder if this is what it feels like to leave your child at the school gates on their first day?

I had  another peculiar discovery recently.  My book is available in Japan via  It’s certainly the record for the furthest from me.  I doubt I will sell a copy there but it amuses me to imagine that somewhere in Tokyo there is someone reading ‘Existence Is Futile’ in a sushi bar and that maybe I will somehow convince them that ninjas exist.  Now that would be something to be proud of.